The book was written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and it was published in the year 2007.

It was the first novel book that simply acquired all my attention, The Beautiful and Damned presented me with the strangest contexts, so what follows might be a little too passionate … but I cannot help myself.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald plays with the atmosphere of the ’20s of America which is full of exuberance, the original attitude of seduction and tragedy. Central characters of the book illustrate the terrible idea of children, Anthony and Gloria are two entities fully endowed by nature that seem to burn in the turmoil of a life that they want to become more agitated.

Anthony Peath is a young Harvard graduate with a philosophy of life of its own, the fundamental points are beautiful (in all its forms) and a pleasure to be discovered. It seems innate to succeed in life: handsome, bold, intelligent, waiting to inherit a fortune from his grandfather, he just wants to choose the field in which to excel, so it is attracted to literature so he began to write a book.

Gloria is the embodiment of beauty, sensuality and the women will. She is not the sharpest knife in a drawer but she is a young woman that is very aware of its charms and who wants to enjoy the effect she has on others. She was to have a career in film, but instead she refused and married Anthony.

The two of them form the perfect couple, which is just too good to be true. They are young, attractive and gifted, but their alignment is found to be sterile. Perhaps it would be managed separately, but together they are incapable of any voluntary act.

The novel is a study of marital life. Anthony and Gloria’s marriage evolves in intervals of expectations: they expect to receive money from the grandfather of Anthony, Anthony expects to finish the book, expected etc…

There are two strong personalities and too selfish who do not understand to make a compromise. Always looking for sensory satisfaction which they obtain through alcohol and wasting huge sums of money.

When Anthony’s grandfather discovers that his grandson’s life is devoid of any common sense, he cuts Anthony out of the testament, which puts him in the position to earn their own money. Unable to prove this: Anthony fails to finish the book that he started and Gloria try’s to start a career in cinema, but it is too late.

Only now, when they tried and failed, the two really decay and abandon any effort to achieve something lasting.

In the end of the novel both Anthony and Gloria become something other than they were. There are two beautiful specimens but two guys stripped of life, a common and unpleasant aspect of those who followed the wrong way. After a long process getting wealthy they get old but it is too late. Anthony’s brilliant mind is lost, and beauty faded from Glorya.

In conclusion, I can say without any reservations, it was a book I liked. I was impressed by the protagonists and very flowing narrative style, a book as serious as it can be, but very easy to read. The book, was screened tree times, can be ordered online.

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