Our Kind of Traitor by John Le Carre

September - 12 - 2016

Is book written by John Le Carre and you can buy the book now online from multiple book stores.

Espionage, human dilemmas and the fate of the personages involved in this activity make the subject of British literature for over a century, since the time when the empire of the sun that never sets still existed and fought for survival with means more or less conventional. When I say literature I don’t make any difference between the literature of entertainment serious and the literature considered ‘serious’ for various reasons, one being that good literature in my opinion can be find with means of expression of any genre.

Graham Greene was known by older generations and adored because of his books like “Our Man in Havana ‘and’ quiet American ‘were part of my favorite readings in the teens, which with their mixture of fascination for the exotic and the world of shadows and penumbra, wars, secret characters and their moral dilemmas of living people who are faced with their own consciousness when their works are put in service of the nation or what should be the common good.

The successor of Greene’s most famous British literature writer is today’s John Le Carre. Born in 1931 (real name is David John Moore Cornwell) went through a career as an officer of Her Majesty. His first novel was published in 1961and was entitled ‘Call for the Dead’ it introduced George Smiley, the character who would become the hero of many of the books written during the Cold War, the British MI6 agent service was called ‘Circus’.

John Le Carre’s latest book Our Kind of Traitor was published in 2010 and her subject is revolving around a Russian banker involved in money laundering businesses with the mafia that takes refuge in England when he feels that his star is about to go down, and among the world of crime related to the Russian government circles. In the book you can read about how he tried to contact the British intelligence services to negotiate the conditions of the betrayal that he was decided to make, but I’m not going to ruin your experience of reading the book by devolving to much of the book’s plot.

The first part of the novel is largely written in the style of ‘flashbacks’ and consists of thorough interrogation by the descendants of George Smiley in the 21st century trying to verify the authenticity of the story.

Many of John Le Carre books are memorable and they build a special vision of the shadow war that accompanied the history of the past fifty years. Any new book from now on will be a bonus, since this is a reading to which you should look forward with pleasure.

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