Let’s straighten a bit the records in regard with what are technical writers; well these are just persons that write stuff like prospects for items or instructions on how to use heavy machinery etc. A technical writer naturally possesses the ability to understand the technical vocabulary mixed with foreign languages. It is quite hard to find. But of course finding writers that have good knowledge on more then one technical information area is extremely hard and they are expensive as well. Their work must be understandable enough for the people it’s targeting.

When they get working on a project these writers get set work goals based on the amount of work they have, both number of articles and length. Then their goals can be set based on the number of pages they have to writ on a week or on the number of words they must write till their deadline expires.  When you’re setting work goals to technical writers you should always be realistic not every subject is as easy as the one before and not everything is as easy to notice and explain as this writers make it look.

The best person to set the work goals for a technical writer is him since he knows better what are his own capabilities; you as an employer of the writer should only set him a deadline. He will then set goals for himself that might differ from day to day depending on physical and psychical comfort; also the time allocated for writing will differ from day to day. He will allocate a good part of every day to harvest information on the product he is reviewing he will do so by different methods like searching guidance from designers of the reviewed product or by testing it f that is the case. One may chose to make a schedule for an entire weak.

After the article is written on a given theme it will be analyzed by other technical writers from the point of view of accuracy in technical terminology or with colleagues and its also passed trough the hands of the orthography editor that will check it for grammatical errors.

Even tow a technical writer doesn’t necessary need to have a writing intelligence since he can do just fine with his mechanical intelligence he will still have to study and acquire the right to be called a technical writer.

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