How to Sell Fiction

August - 3 - 2017

Whether you are the type of person who prefers “Frankenstein” or if you enjoy more the “Confessions of St. Augustine”, the choice between fiction and reality is never an easy task for any book lover, and any one can confirm this. On the one hand, we have the grandiloquent imagination on the other hand we have the power of truthfulness. The beauty of fiction is that, with a little ingenuity and inspiration, can give rise to a fascinating subject and incredible writing, only using the power of imagination.

“The more I write and read” said Keyes “the more I’m convinced that the best writing doesn’t flow from technique. And with these I’m not referring to the moral conviction, but to that that you might have something to say that might be of interest to others as well”

These is what makes a writer not only write but also feel the need to publish his work, the need of sharing their stories with others.

The key to selling a fiction book doesn’t lye in the book itself if you know how to sale a product regardless of these being a pack of chewing gum or a book you can do it just as simple if you’re not judgmental about he two of them. Of course it will help if the gum would actually be chewable or in our case if the book would be readable from the grammatical point of view.

“To be creative means that you can afford to have the liberty of being yourself” is what Nancy Slonim sed.

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