The hardest part for any writer is to publish his literature reviews in specialty sites or magazines. But thankfully the web now offers us the opportunity to host and spread our literature reviews to virtually any location thus being able to recive the information about your product. However before you post your article on websites of this specific type you should go ahead and send to your entire friend list a copy of the review so they can give you constructive feedback.

When you are reviewing literature you should always write for a specific targeted type of people, which have orientation booth from a literal point of view and from a political\social point of view, which will highly increase the chances of your literature review to get to it’s targeted persons,

Your review will have more weight if you are treating the theme of the literature review as if you know about what you are talking and especially if you would have some sort of degree on the theme of the review you’re building. If you will talk in you review with just a few of the worlds you usually incase in those literature masterpieces you soul have not even a problem describing what the literature you were talking about.

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