In the book “Get to the top on Google” by David Viney techniques on search engine optimization are explained.

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I read some parts of this book a few years ago, I skim it through libraries, I followed a long time some SEO sites, but we needed a comprehensive study of this area about which I knew very little but that is so necessary to develop a quality site or a blog. Therefore, when it came into my possession, I read it while littering it with pencil marks, but also close to the computer to make some adjustments, attempts to optimize my site.

David Viney method describes in detail the seven steps in optimizing sites, especially those of business (a case of study is found in the pages of the book and it is about an online company that sells business cards) with a useful bending over blogging.

David Viney
There are many interesting things that can be learned from the book and from the author’s method of initiation or resuscitation of a site, trough the seven steps of optimization: viable expressions, facilitate indexing (which represents the first phase: planning and preparation), preparing pages, attachment links, payment position, the composition map (second phase: Campaign SEO), monitoring and regulation (third phase: ongoing maintenance).

Viney combines simple explanations for beginners, for those who are just starting a website or blog and teaches them step by step what they need to realize to succeed in the building of the new site, with explanations of things more complicated (even for me) about how to monitories their site to make it effective and keeping it full of useful information for the niche that is addressed for allowing it to start and develop.

I found in this book a lot of important information that I will try and describe below and also I got some safety tips that I gave to my turn to friends in the blogosphere enthusiasts. Here are some of them:

– “The path to a better Google ranking is to get quantity and high quality links to your pages from important sources that are relevant and reliable.” Many people hunt the great bloggers, trying to enter the discussion with them and to be likeable. Even if maybe something typical for some blogospheres (this information is not checked), David Viney is quite right, the importance of links and their number counts.

– “For reasons of density, we recommend customers to include not more than 450-600 words on one page (ideally, as close to the lower threshold of this range). If you need more than one word, try using more sections, categories and pages. Do not forget the human users. Do they want to read 5,000 words? Are you really going to read absolutely everything, or will you scan the page in a hurry, trying to gather essential pieces of information? In short, there are many good reasons to keep your body text concise.

Finally, the goal of all this is that when someone makes a search on Google (the most important search engine for a long time now), to be on the first place or even on the first page of the search results.
“How to reach the top on Google?” Is a book that allows you to take the first step in achieving the status of a really important site. Search engine optimization is an expression used anywhere in the world SEO.

Overall an interesting book which should be on the shelf of any SEO specialist, but that must be read by and any site or personal blog owner.

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