The book “Fergus Crane” was published in the category of children’s books / literature . It was written by Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell. You can buy the book Fergus Crane by ordering it online from different sites, you are not always obligated to create an account or, if it is more comfortable, some offer a phone number for orders; you can call them at the number indicated and operators will take your order promptly and efficiently. If you are more old fashioned you can come to the bookstore and buy the book directly from there.  Overall this is a great book for kids, a book that will help develop their imagination.

Fergus Crane lives with his mother in the port town of Montmorency. He was fortunate to be accepted at the school ship builders Betty-Jeanne, but soon realizes that his teachers are actually pirates. One night he hears a strange noise at the window: a mysterious flying small box, which contains an important message for him, “Fergus Crane, you are in great danger! I’m sending you help.” And so it begins the crazy adventure of Fergus’s which, together with the winged  Emerald Sea horse, starts trying to save their colleagues and find out what happened to his father.

Fergus Crane is the first novel in the series “Adventures in distant lands” and was awarded with the Gold Smarties, 2004. Although it is basically a book for children, you could say that it is at an elementary school level, and it could be part of the optional bibliography students receive. Even though it is an adventure novel, it is the kind of book that tries to teach children good values; a book that makes them look with wonder at the world they live in, and teaches them that asking questions and being curious is what defines us as people. So in that respect one could say that this is a book not only for elementary school children, but for people of all ages; for people who haven’t forgotten the magic of a story, the excitement of an adventure and the importance of a lesson.

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