How to Raise Money to Publish Your Book

January - 30 - 2018Comments Off on How to Raise Money to Publish Your Book

The road to success is paved with obstacles for writers, and the biggest obstacle of them all is finding a publisher or raising the money to publish their books on their own.

Anybody who’s submitted their work to hopefully be published knows how difficult the waiting period can be. This is difficult when you’re waiting for a magazine to pick up your work, but even more crushing when waiting to find out if your book will sell. Finishing a manuscript and finding representation is difficult enough; twiddling […]

The hardest part for any writer is to publish his literature reviews in specialty sites or magazines. But thankfully the web now offers us the opportunity to host and spread our literature reviews to virtually any location thus being able to recive the information about your product. However before you post your article on websites […]

Whether you are the type of person who prefers “Frankenstein” or if you enjoy more the “Confessions of St. Augustine”, the choice between fiction and reality is never an easy task for any book lover, and any one can confirm this. On the one hand, we have the grandiloquent imagination on the other hand we have the power of truthfulness.

Let’s straighten a bit the records in regard with what are technical writers; well these are just persons that write stuff like prospects for items or instructions on how to use heavy machinery etc. A technical writer naturally possesses the ability to understand the technical vocabulary mixed with foreign languages. It is quite hard to […]

Info Series: Gabriel Garcia Marquez Library
Review A Hundred Years
First published in 1967, the novel ”One Hundred Years of Solitude” was the one who consecrated its author as one of the masters of contemporary narrative, bringing him the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature.

How does a teenager transform into America’s First Lady after being marked by the fact that she caused a traffic accident which resulted in the death of her boyfriend? But, above all, how does a boy with loads of money, with childish thinking thinking and serious alcohol problems become the U.S. President? The answer to […]

The book was written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and it was published in the year 2007. It was the first novel book that simply acquired all my attention, The Beautiful and Damned presented me with the strangest contexts, so what follows might be a little too passionate … but I cannot help myself. Francis Scott […]

Is book written by John Le Carre and you can buy the book now online from multiple book stores. Espionage, human dilemmas and the fate of the personages involved in this activity make the subject of British literature for over a century, since the time when the empire of the sun that never sets still […]

The book “Fergus Crane” was published in the category of children’s books / literature . It was written by Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell. You can buy the book Fergus Crane by ordering it online from different sites, you are not always obligated to create an account or, if it is more comfortable, some offer a phone number for orders; you can call them at the number indicated and operators will take your order promptly and efficiently. If you are more old fashioned you […]

If this is truly what you’ve always dreamed of becoming, then you should be aware that you’re in for quite a bumpy road. Nothing is done without work or effort and becoming a copywriter is no exception. You will have to always keep your mind at work lurking new ideas being always prepared to give […]

In the book “Get to the top on Google” by David Viney techniques on search engine optimization are explained. You can buy it now on different websites. I read some parts of this book a few years ago, I skim it through libraries, I followed a long time some SEO sites, but we needed a […]